Type: Pavilion

Client: Railpen & Socius

Location: Cambridge

Status: Invited Competition

Pillars of the Community

A carbon negative pavilion, made from expressive stone columns, that reflects the eclectic community of Mill Road in Cambridge.

‘Pillars of the Community’ celebrates the spirit of Mill Road in Cambridge, with its diverse people, deep-rooted community, eclectic architecture, fiercely independent mindset and radical thinking

A collection of sculptural stone pillars, each with their own unique character, reflect the varied life and built fabric of the area. These community totems sit as found objects in the landscape, unified with a timber roof, a metaphor for the varied yet cohesive community spirit of Mill Road.

In new developments, it can take time for a sense of community to develop, grow together and forge bonds. The structure is envisaged as a place where people can congregate, share meals, host events and shelter from the rain.

Our communities are increasingly fragile and transient with communal space disappearing from our towns and cities. As a counterpoint, our pillars are made from age old stone, grounding the pavilion in the site and creating a structure that will endure and age gracefully as community links are forged over time.
The stone pillars form part of our biogenic material palette for the pavilion, sourced within 50 miles of the site. ‘Pillars of the Community’ is designed with locally grown and harvested stone, timber and hemp to  reflect its geography, bring down its carbon and make a positive contribution to the regional economy.

Team Lead - Artefact
Artist - Sahra Hehrsi
Structural Engineer - Cake Industries
Fabricator - Cake Industries

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